This Town Has Bad Karma.

It can not be understated.  From “The Excitement” of December 5th, 1850 until now, this Town of Dover has lived and survived, even flourished, under a very evil cloud.

The mass killings and beheadings of the 9 slaves from the surrounding Iron Furnaces was only a foretelling of hardships to come for this Town built overlooking 500 years of sacred Indian Burial Grounds.

Two Battles fought here during the Civil War and its Union occupation would severely impact the Town.  It’s landscapes out of the 19th and into the 20th Century would be forever altered as the cannon shook the final resting places of 25 generations of Indian Chiefs and legends.

Relative peace would follow at home as World Wars and ”poor country living” or, what we were used to in Potneck, went world-wide.  People were just surviving to get by.  There was no grift or, not much of it.

There was no time for grift.  Immediately after the Civil War our old Colonel, Nathan Brandon, went to the State Senate and the State House and, while there, helped to frame Tennessee’s State Constitution.  Stewart County retooled and Dover hopped on board for the ride.

Over time the moonshine went mainstream and as the bad karma filtered back in everybody from Jesse James, Bonnie and Clyde, and Al Capone had been down through some part of LBL or the back woods of this peninsula that we all call home.  This land that is triple sided by water is land we recent natives immediately identify as the “happy hunting grounds” of mythical Native American lore.  John F. Kennedy flew over it in 1962 and christened it the “Land Between the Lakes”, a Federal entity.

Even the folks that had escaped and moved away from the bad karma of Dover were forced back into the cloud as they were ordered to sell their homes located in the relaxing peace of independent country living and return to the taxation and the legal oppression of the Town.

There once was a Town Mayor who stood up against the bad karma in this Town but the tentacles of bad karma are long and far reaching and simple shining knights on white stallions are no match for the evil that people let go.

The people shrugged.  They didn’t know it was bad karma that was killing their chosen white knights.  They just thought it was their destiny to die in the fight against a cloud of evil that never goes away.

So, here we are today.  All of us, survivors, living in the 21st Century in our Town with bad karma.  We display quilts everywhere on our buildings that pretend we are a Town that was a route on the ”Southern Railroad”, a route to FREEDOM for the slaves.  I can PROMISE you, Dear Reader, that is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!  But it was not because the “officials” of the bad karma Town were promoting it, it was because your and my ancestors were providing it, IN SECRET!  Our neighbors were helping the Slaves escape because the Town of Dover was hanging them and beheading them by torch light in the Town Square, by decree!

Don’t always trust your leaders, folks.  They’ll build prison complexes on your Town Square and seek money’s from the misery of all others to propel themselves forward.  That money will also come from your misery.  They’ll chalk it all up to the progress of man.

This Town has a bad karma.

Two young girls were brutally killed 34 years ago and Law Enforcement today can’t tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.  How many truths have to fly up and hit you in the face before you begin to “wake up”?

The Investigative Team of Jack Charlton and David Hicks claimed, and Agents today still claim, that there are “33 Suspects” being investigated.

“Suspect”, suspected; open to or under suspicion, person with motive, opportunity to commit a crime.

PNN asks, Did 33 people want to kill those two girls like the Hicks’ Investigative Team leads us to believe?

If so, that’s a lot of bad karma.



Received from a friend on FB today:

Robin, You could never know how mean SC was back in the 1940′s.  I remember in ’40 or ’41 I lived with my Aunt, just her and me.  One night 4 or 5 drunk men came up in an old car to our house.  They came up on the porch trying to get in the window but I pulled the prop out from under it and the window fell.  I got her by the hand and led her out into the dark.  With no light I had to remember where the fence was.  We went under them [fencing].  I was barefooted and a saw vine cut my feet.  We went to a house across the field.  I always thought they would have killed us after they did what they came for.  Drafted in the Army in 1950 and NEVER went back to live. (Name withheld by request).

In my historical adaptation of “The Excitement” I call this town, Dover, a town full of “mean eyes”.


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An OPEN letter from PNN to David Hicks, Greg Charlton, and Dan Alsobrooks.

PNN will reprint here, on this website, ANY rebuttal you may have for these allegations of crimes that have been levied against you.

PNN will reprint, word for word, syllable by syllable, and letter for letter, YOUR side of the story.

PNN, and SC, is waiting.


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How Dan Alsobrooks FAILED to seek justice for Carla and Vickie.

Three simple words…NO GRAND JURY!

My fellow Stewart Countians, while not perfect, our legal system in this country is the best that the world has to offer, when allowed to work.

After a crime is committed, the investigative authorities having jurisdiction (remember that point) collect their evidence and, if questions or contradictions arise, the DISTRICT ATTORNEY submits that evidence to a GRAND JURY so that they, the GRAND JURY, can decide if an indictment is warranted.

The CLEAR evidence in the case of the brutal, heinous, and unconscionable slayings of Carla Sue Atkins and Vickie Lee Stout in 1980 is, at best, CONTRADICTORY.

On the one hand you have Albert Vires, a former Stewart County Sheriff’s Deputy and a man of impeccable integrity, swearing that ”person of interest” Greg Charlton was chased away by him, while in uniform and ON DUTY, from Carla and Vickie’s house in the weeks before their disappearance. He answered the call on two separate occasions in the late summer and fall of 1980 to disperse an “unwanted guest” from their home.

The “unwanted guest” was Greg Charlton and on one of those two occasions, Deputy Vires informed Greg Charlton that he had two options.  He could go to jail or he could get in his blue truck and go home.  Virtually everyone who has followed this case has heard those statements before.  Former distinguished SCSD Deputy Albert Vires reported to PNN personally that Greg Charlton chose option 2.  He got in his truck and left.  It is PNN’s opinion that Deputy Albert Vires was FIRED by David Hicks for having the integrity to NOT alter or change this story.  Jack Charlton informed Deputy Vires that, “You are OFF the case, this is OUR DAMN CASE and we will solve it”.  Really?  Removing the first officers on the scene of the crime from investigating the crime is HIGHLY irregular and does NOT aid in solving the case.

And then, on the other hand, you have Greg Charlton.  Mr. Charlton denies he was EVEN in Stewart County AT ALL from March until September 1980.  He has SWORN to this and it is a matter of public record.  He has, what PNN is now asked to believe, AFTER 34 YEARS, “iron clad documentation” in the form of time sheets from a Nuclear Plant in Kansas that are written on paper 34 years old.  That’s convenient.  PNN understands that Tim Webb ALSO kept “documentation” as to his whereabouts on September 17, 1980.  PNN has never seen this “documentation” and questions its existence AND its authenticity.

PNN readers will be VERY SURPRISED to hear was else Mr. Charlton has sworn to, as a matter of public record.

Please excuse PNN, dear reader, for siding with the former SCSD Deputy and NOT trusting some unsubstantiated 34 year old “documentation” from a “person of interest/suspect” in this case.

Since when does a District Attorney, or for that matter, a TBI Agent, previous or current, NOT believe a Law Enforcement Deputy and side with a “suspect/person of interest” in a case?

Since when? Since the DA is Dan Alsobrooks, that’s when.  The same Dan Alsobrooks who was forced to step down, DISGRACEFULLY, along with the unsinkable David Hicks, from their positions as heads of the 23rd JDTF for unlawful confiscation of money’s from private citizens in the “policing for profit” scam that embroiled the 23rd JDTF.

These contradictions should have been vetted through a Stewart County GRAND JURY 34 years ago!

Why did and why NOW does a Stewart County Grand Jury NOT hear these glaring contradictions?

These are NOT contradictions that David Hicks OR Dan Alsobrooks has the ability to answer.  It is above their pay grade AND their intelligence.  There is nothing “honorable” about either of these two men to let these contradictions go unquestioned and to think they, above a GRAND JURY, can let them go unvetted.

PNN calls on the NEW District Attorney for Stewart County to BRING THESE CONTRADICTIONS before a GRAND JURY to determine WHO is lying; Person of Interest Greg Charlton or Former SCSD Deputy Albert Vires?

SOMEONE is lying!

Since PNN first started reporting on these explosive revelations concerning the Stout/Atkins murders, public official David Hicks has threatened laughable lawsuits against PNN and threatened to “pay a visit” to my home in the middle of the night with his gestapo thugs to “set me straight”.

PNN has ONE ANSWER for David Hicks…BRING IT ON, BOY!

PNN submits that you, sirs, have committed criminal acts by KEEPING these CONTRADICTIONS in an UNSOLVED double homicide from the SC Grand Jury.

PNN reminds its readers that it does not shrink from criminals, we BURY them…with the TRUTH. Does anyone here wonder why Hicks, Charlton, and Alsobrooks refuse to answer these allegations, these charges made against them?  Its because they can’t!  None of them want to see the inside of a SC Court Room, EVER, concerning this case.

Who will join David Hicks on his “midnight run” to my house to intimidate me into changing my story?  Who will join him in stealing my money like he did those lawful citizens on I-40?  Perhaps it will be some of those names listed under his on the plaque affixed on the wall outside of the SC Court Room?  If my name was on that plaque, I can assure you, I would place tape over it.  Perhaps it will be some of his newly minted “cronies” that have recently feigned interest in this case.

PNN stands with former SCSD Deputy Albert Vires.  We seek justice.  WE accuse NO ONE.  We want ANSWERS.  We DEMAND that a Grand Jury hear these contradictions and we place this effort SQUARELY on the shoulders of the new DA for our District.


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Developing Stories…

Stewart County has spoken.  The 2014 vote is in. (08/19)

Freedom of Speech, First Amendment Rights, attacked in Stewart County. (08/20)

Its football time in Tennessee.  GO REBELS! (08/19)


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Costly Police State Explodes Inside Dover City Limits.

In a surprising twist of fate that some have called the old, “bait and switch”, the Stewart County Commissioners and the County Mayor have approved and agreed upon, with the Town of Dover, the almost tripling of the original, mutually agreed upon need of the County; a 50 bed count jail with adjacent Court Facility (that is currently being carved out of Dover’s pristine woods) to an autonomous mini-prison with 128 beds and NO Courts facility.

The new prison, as it will be considered a “prison” because to sustain itself it will have to “ship in” felons from Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville and all points in between, will be nothing more than a white elephant, a frivolous expense, and a tax burden to all Stewart County residents.  We will pay, thanks to wise decisions by Stewart County Commissioners, Mayors, and Town of Dover officials for a prison complex to be built and to be the eye sore in the heart of our precious town seat for the next generation or maybe, forever.  PNN predicts this barbed wired reflection of our society will soon house illegal aliens.  Not the children, the felons.

Its just too bad that the Officials in charge couldn’t have had the initiative and the foresight to clear the land in a more eco-friendly kind of way that would preserve the natural beauty, the good strong trees, and natural Stewart County underbrush located dangerously near the heart of our Town’s traffic.  PNN wishes more consideration would have been given by OFFICIALS to the location of the building site and its impact on the Citizens of the Town of Dover and the County who must ALL do their business in Dover and must now fight with the dangers of increased traffic and VERY HIGH INTENSITY work going on 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year.

“Shipped in felons bring in $35 a day from the State of Tennessee to the Municipality that houses these prisoners,” says Stewart County Sheriff Candidate Frankie Gray.

“The problem is, it costs $50 dollars a day to house them.  On top of that, when you go from a 50 bed facility to a 128 bed facility you’ve automatically doubled your labor costs, and then some, you’ve increased your water cost, your electric cost.  Its just something you have to consider.” he says.

Using math learned in Potneck, PNN figures that 100 prisoners a day @ $50 each will cost roughly $5000 dollars a day to sustain them.  The State of Tennessee will provide Dover or Stewart County $3500 dollars a day.  PNN needs to understand who will make up this daily $1500 dollar difference?  What about water? Electric?

What happened to what the County originally NEEDED?  How did this Police State, fine seeking, and prison inmate driven mentality, worm its way into what WE NEEDED as a County?

PNN has no argument with the fact that Stewart Countians from Indian Mound to Leatherwood, from Bumpus Mills to Big Rock, or from Carlisle to Standing Rock will NOT have to process these prisoners through our County Court House as the Town of Dover sees the dollar signs all too well of the growing correctional police state and is more than willing to run these felons through Town of Dover facilities.  Speed traps generate money and so do felons.  This seems to be the mentality and the vision of the Town of Dover and it’s Alderman.  PNN questions if this is in the best interests of the residents of Dover; to actually build a prison complex (instead of a County Jail) in our County Seat.  Was there something wrong with the City Park?  Was the area adjacent to the County Shop unavailable?

All questions aside, this is a gracious provision from the Town of Dover to the County to use its Town Court’s facilities for our new County Prison.  Dover residents must be more than happy to shoulder these increased costs in water, electric, and increasingly militarized police that is needed escorting convicted felons into our Town.

PNN is watchful for when the taxes spill over, for when the County is asked to help out, for when all of the residents of Potneck listed above will see their taxes increased to pay for a mini-prison with a balance sheet to tight to risk the sanctity and beauty of our County seat.

Alas, that die has been cast.


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Albert Vires sets the record straight for PNN.

Former Stewart County Sheriff’s Deputy and 76 year old Albert Vires, a lifelong Stewart County resident and pillar of his community, recently sat down with PNN and set the record straight when it comes to the nearly 34 year old saga of the brutal slayings of Stewart County girls Carla Sue Atkins and Vickie Lee Stout on Federal Property in the Land Between The Lakes in 1980.

During the summer of 1980 Stewart County Deputy Albert Vires, in Dover, maintains, with clarity, that he gave a certain “person of interest” a choice.  In the interest of fairness, it will also be reported by PNN that these claims by Mr. Vires are disputed by the person of interest because he was, according now to his own well preserved 34 year old “documentation”, working at a nuclear facility in Kansas at the time.  This is the same person of interest who NEVER was named a person of interest directly after the murders or in the years that followed but, somehow, felt compelled to keep “documentation” for 33 years of where he was on September 17, 1980.

Standing in the front yard of the two soon-to-be-slain girl’s home late one night in the summer of 1980 with Deputy Albert Vires were our person of interest, Carla Sue Atkins, and Vickie Lee Stout.  Deputy Vires says he answered a complaint about an “unwanted guest”.

Mr. Vires says he told our person of interest, the one who says he was in Kansas, “You have two choices. You can go to jail or you can get in your truck and go home.  He got in his truck and he left.  I wish I would have followed him out and arrested him for drinking and driving.  He had been drinking.”

Deputy Vires further reports that our person of interest said nothing to him.  He walked around and got in his blue truck and left.  Former Deputy Vires wants PNN readers to know that this particular report occurred sometime before midnight and not at 2:30 AM as had been previously reported.  Former Deputy Vires also wants the record to show that while he can not remember the EXACT dates of these complaints from the summer of 1980, he says he filed TWO “Complaint Cards” with the Stewart County Dispatcher on duty at the time.  One of these complaints occurred at the home of the two girls when they lived behind the original Dairy Dip of Dover and one of them occurred after they moved from that location to their new address just outside of town and at the foot of the hill below the old Furnace Restaurant.

Both of these complaints were lodged in the late summer of 1980 IN Stewart County.

PNN asks questions.  Certain people of interest claim a residency of another State at the time. Did this residency include the two occasions that former Deputy Vires reports when he filed “Complaint Cards?”  Were there more occasions to visit Dover?  Were there certain places of business or people that were routinely visited that could corroborate, substantiate, or confirm these trips?

PNN believes our former Sheriff’s Deputy.  PNN believes every word Albert Vires says.  He has that kind of integrity.  You can’t be in two places at once.  You can NOT be in Kansas AND Tennessee.  Someone is not telling the truth.  Therein lies the rub.  In brutal, cowardly, and heinous acts such as the ones committed against these two young girls, these kinds of inconsistencies MUST BE resolved.  PNN submits these inconsistencies have never been resolved.

These questions should have come before a Grand Jury decades ago!

Editor’s Note: Only recently (when the TBI interrogated those asking questions about the murders) was it revealed that our person of interest was claiming he had “documentation” stating that he was in Kansas at the time of the slayings.  No one, to PNN’s knowledge, has ever actually SEEN this documentation.  The TBI neglected to mention anything about a “nuclear” facility when they interrogated us.  I do remember them, Shawn Atkins and BJ DeRose, saying they spoke to our person of interest and were satisfied that he was NOT a suspect.  To PNN’s knowledge, this would have been the VERY FIRST TIME that ANY authority had ever questioned this particular person of interest.  Notwithstanding Mr. Vires’ ever present accounts.  NO ONE HAD EVER mentioned “nuclear facility documentation” from our person of interest to PNN or any of the family of the slain girls that PNN has been associated with or spoken to.  Our person of interest had to be sought out now because he was NEVER named as a suspect by any Official at the time or in the years following the crimes.

The authorities were silent when asked about Former Deputy Albert Vires’ long standing claims.

PNN has always acted in good faith and asked pointed, direct questions when it comes to the unsolved and poorly investigated murders of Carla Sue and Vickie Lee.  We promised to leave no stone unturned.  We have kept our promise.


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Iconic Stewart County lady passes.

Betty Joe Wallace of Big Rock, Tennessee passed away on Friday, Aprill 11, 2014 at her home.

She was a former graduate of Stewart County High School and Austin Peay State University.  She was a retired APSU Professor with Master’s Degrees in Education and History from APSU.  She had also completed her coursework at Vanderbilt University for her Ph.D. in History.

Her landmark book, Between The Rivers, History of the Land Between The Lakes is a watershed compilation of our heritage and our culture.  The story becomes greater and more personal because of the understanding and connection that Ms. Wallace had to her community and the way she portrayed it in its purest and most beautiful form.

Betty Joe Wallace, a student of history, mastered history as she left her indelible mark on it for generations to come.

We at PNN are grateful for Betty Joe Wallace.   Through her work and her accomplishments, all of us in Stewart County have a far greater understanding of our history and who we are.

Rest In Peace

Betty Joe Wallace

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Lest we forget.

Seen in the Magee Cemetery today.

David R. Ross pays his respects to two Stewart County girls.  Rare Stewart County history dating back 150 years is remembered in the Magee Cemetery.  Much of the history seen there is celebrated and remembered fondly but some of it is somber and mournful.  Its all there.

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Photo by RLB4

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Life is short.

In the blink of God’s eye our lives begin, they play out, and then they are over.

How did you live your life?  What legacy, what history, do you leave behind?

Find inspiration in the video below.

God isn’t found just in a building. God is found first, and foremost, in your heart.

God bless you all.

jesus christ photo: jesus christ.jpg


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