Iconic Stewart County lady passes.

Betty Joe Wallace of Big Rock, Tennessee passed away on Friday, Aprill 11, 2014 at her home.

She was a former graduate of Stewart County High School and Austin Peay State University.  She was a retired APSU Professor with Master’s Degrees in Education and History from APSU.  She had also completed her coursework at Vanderbilt University for her Ph.D. in History.

Her landmark book, Between The Rivers, History of the Land Between The Lakes is a watershed compilation of our heritage and our culture.  The story becomes greater and more personal because of the understanding and connection that Ms. Wallace had to her community and the way she portrayed it in its purest and most beautiful form.

Betty Joe Wallace, a student of history, mastered history as she left her indelible mark on it for generations to come.

We at PNN are grateful for Betty Joe Wallace.   Through her work and her accomplishments, all of us in Stewart County have a far greater understanding of our history and who we are.

Rest In Peace

Betty Joe Wallace

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There is no substitute for good character.

There is a legend in the Clarksville Police Department.  It is a story told to rookies to motivate them to perform well in their jobs and to remind them that theirs is a greater purpose to serve.  It is a story told by the teachers in blue who hold their young policemen to higher ideals and a belief in the higher purpose of their jobs and it stands in stark contrast to what these men and women face daily in the cold, harsh reality of their chosen profession.  It is a story of what good can happen if you just do the right thing.

Along about the very same time that Carla Sue Atkins and Vickie Lee Stout were being killed in Stewart County, there was a rookie cop of good and strong Stewart County heritage patrolling the beat on the old 41A Fort Campbell Blvd.  All alone in the rough and tumble world of drugs and murder in the days when Clarks Vegas got it’s nickname, this young man was streetwise enough to know that one mistake out here and it could cost you your life.

It was late at night with little traffic on the road when the young rookie pulled over the white van for a routine stop.  What happened next is part of Clarksville Police folklore.  There were drugs in that white van.  There was a LOT of drugs.  There was money, too.  There was a LOT of money.  In fact, the occupants of the white van offered the rookie cop all of the money to just walk away.  Many people have said it was $250,000!  Take the money, they pleaded, just let us go.  It was a cool quarter of a million bucks in 1980 dollars.  Just walk away.  That was more money than that rookie had ever seen in his life.  No one was there.  No one would ever know.  Just his decision, the money, and his destiny lay in front of him.  What would you do?  He did the right thing.  He booked them!  He turned them in.  In return, he rose, over his long and decorated career, to the number two man in the Clarksville Police Department.  Clarksville, as we know, is the fourth biggest city in the State of Tennessee.  He fulfilled a dream.  He represented his family and his home with great honor and integrity.

And now this man, who has been given the utmost respect from his peers throughout his career, is asking Stewart County for a second time to give him the chance to be her Sheriff.

We will not have this opportunity again to place such an honorable man in such an important position at such a critical time in our history.

Frankie Gray is the right man at the right time for Sheriff of Stewart County.

Frankie Gray did not jeopardize his future as a policeman so long ago when he did the right thing by turning in that money and he won’t tarnish his illustrious career in Clarksville by coming home to Stewart County and not giving us the best that he’s got.

Four years ago Frankie Gray was narrowly defeated by Deryk Wyatt for Sheriff of Stewart County and Deryk Wyatt promptly failed the people of Stewart County in his four year term.  Please see PNN’s Page Two (located at top) for the top three ways that Deryk Wyatt has failed Stewart County.

Frankie Gray for Sheriff of Stewart County.  The right man at the right time!


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Lest we forget.

Seen in the Magee Cemetery today.

David R. Ross pays his respects to two Stewart County girls.  Rare Stewart County history dating back 150 years is remembered in the Magee Cemetery.  Much of the history seen there is celebrated and remembered fondly but some of it is somber and mournful.  Its all there.

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Photo by RLB4

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Life is short.

In the blink of God’s eye our lives begin, they play out, and then they are over.

How did you live your life?  What legacy, what history, do you leave behind?

Find inspiration in the video below.


God isn’t found just in a building. God is found first, and foremost, in your heart.

God bless you all.

jesus christ photo: jesus christ.jpg


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