Positive Feedback All Around For PNN.

It is amazing!  The amount of positive feedback expressed to PNN about it’s stand against the sad and sometimes brutal treatment of our children from transplanted coaches has been no surprise.  People see these coaches, who have no real vested interest in our future, come and go and we are none the better when they leave.  Truthfully, many of our children are deeply scarred from their memory.  There is a reason why many of these transients left their own homes to come to SC for less pay and although we certainly like it, PNN speculates that it wasn’t for the water.

PNN was not completely surprised to learn that Stewart County frustration and anger goes much deeper than just coaching.

To those of us NOT from Stewart County, you may not completely understand the tightness of our families.  How many of you SC natives, RIGHT NOW, can reel off scores of family names that we ALL recognize?  Nearly ALL Stewart Countians can do this.  Its because we know more about our County’s history than we may realize.  In most cases, we can even name the part of the County that these families originated from.  Bumpus Mills. Big Rock.  Indian Mound.  Standing Rock.  Dover.  Cumberland City.  Tip Top.  Red Top. Model.  Tharpe.  Leatherwood.  Sweetheart Springs.  Carlisle.  Most of these “here today/gone tomorrow” Coaches would be lost if placed in some of these areas.  Those of us who have lived here all of our lives and plan on dying here could find our way home from any one of these County localities even in the deep, dark, dead of the night.  And it is my guess, that before we got too far along, we would come across a neighbor that we knew who would take us directly to our doorstep and accept NO pay, whatsoever, for doing so. Why? Because they understand that we would do the same for them.  This is the structure and the fabric that is Stewart County.

As Stewart Countians, we were secluded from the rest of the world, by nature, for the first 125-150 years of our existence.  We didn’t mind that at all.  We became 100% self sufficient.  We created our own shelters, pig iron, we cultivated our own food and dairy, our own tobacco, our own clothes, and even our own whiskey, if we so chose.  We were deeply religious and protective of one another and we preferred this independence.  We are a tight knit group of people and we would fight one another like family but if an outsider came in to challenge us we would all band together to protect our heritage and our history. This has not changed.

Above all else, we are protective of our future, our children.  We will fight for them.  Even those of you in the school system understand this.  Unfortunately, many of you fight for your children more than you do for all the others under your care.  At home, this is fine.  In your professional capacity, not so much.

PNN fights for ALL Stewart County children no matter the color, the creed, or the socioeconomic strata that you may fall into.  If you are SC, you are equal, in PNN’s book. Unfortunately, this is NOT what we see in Stewart County today.  Stewart County has become a County of the “haves” and the “have nots”.  This really came into existence in the 1980’s but it explodes in our faces today, in the 21st Century.

This is what PNN seeks to change.  This is the issue that PNN will force; That all students are treated fairly and all positions are awarded based on merit and efficiency and not blood ties or political pressure.  It is a phenomena that occurs every day throughout this Country.  PNN can’t worry about the Country, only Stewart County.  If WE, as a people take care of our County then the Country will begin to take care of itself.

Some examples of the supportive comments PNN hears daily, follow:

“I used to say these things a long time ago but I was beating my head against a wall. I couldn’t reach out and get enough people together to make a difference and force them to change.  I didn’t have a way.  The Stewart Houston Times never helped.  They just printed what they were told.  Maybe, with PNN, you can make a difference.” Signed: Someone who always cared.

“All these things should have been said a long time ago.  I wish we could get this out for everyone to see so the School Board and administrators would have to be held accountable and speak about these things.  They won’t and the reason why?  They think that because they have a teaching degree they are above everyone.  Not all think like this but many do.  If you don’t believe that just talk to some of the Principals and administrators.  They think the people of Stewart Co. are so simple minded that they can feed you a line of bull crap and tell you its steak.  Well, for them, what goes around comes around.  Be watchful and you will see that there is too much wrong with this system for it to continue the course its on.  The bad thing is when it goes down it will be another black eye for Stewart Co. and that is what stinks.  I do not support this school “system” at all. Maybe new leadership will make the difference.  I SURE HOPE SO!”  Signed: Stewart County Born and Raised.

“Damn, Robin, you sure do stir up a LOT of ****!  But I’m glad you do.  We need more people to say what is on their mind and we would be a lot better off for it.  If people would have spoken up years ago we could have gotten a lot of this stuff fixed.  Our County is messed up.”  Signed: River Boat Man.

I could go on and on, folks.  When people begin to understand that PNN speaks for ALL Stewart County children and ALL Stewart County citizens, young or old, they begin to agree that we do have a problem within our School system.

The Football Field was put where the parking lot was supposed to go and the parking lot where the Football Field was supposed to be.  Someone flipped the blueprints!  Really? These are our educators, our administrators, and our leaders, right?  How else can you explain steps leading up to the front of the School from behind the Stadium?  These steps were supposed to be leading up from a parking lot full of cars where students could enter the FRONT of the School (like ALL other Schools in this Country).  The steps leading to our school are now kept behind a locked gate in the back of the Football Stadium Press Box!

The Baseball Field will not drain properly because $50,000 to make it do so was cut from it’s budget.  It will take twice that to repair it, IF we are lucky.  We have monies to fix moronic mistakes like that but not enough to hire better Coaches and more Teachers?  We have money to waste because we didn’t measure twice and cut once but none for updated computer classrooms?

Maybe the football field “switch” was also related to a budgetary drainage cost?  PNN can hear it now…”These architects and engineers don’t know what they are talking about!”

Mediocrity abounds and flourishes in our Stewart County school system but don’t you DARE say anything about it!  It will hurt the children.

We are looking to Leta Gray to be the Iron Lady of Stewart County now.  She is brand new and it will take time for her to make worthwhile change.  That time starts TODAY! Work from your Stewart County heart, Miss Leta, and you can’t go wrong.

PNN will give her the EXACT same advice it gave so long ago to Superintendent Anita Hawkins.  In the grand scheme of things, you have 8 seconds to ride this bull.  Give it your best shot!


PNN understands that the picture of the Stewart County School Board members above is outdated.  This picture represents the SC School Board that brought us to where we are today.  A picture of our PRESENT Stewart County School Board would show Ms. Leta Gray as the Director of Schools and a new representative for Mr. Sexton, who is retiring (as we understand it).  All in all, 6 of the 8 pictured remain and they control our Stewart County school system’s destiny.  The Director of Schools works directly for these 7.  Good luck, Miss Leta.

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PNN Will Not Relent.

PNN will be relentless in it’s protection of our student athletes from egotistical, arrogant, and transient coaches who come to Stewart County with questionable resumes and hidden pasts.

When PNN predicted, through well researched fact, that our football program would finish 2-8, I put my reputation on the line.  It gave PNN no pleasure to make these controversial predictions.  When the football team did, in fact, go 2-8 (or 3-7) and I said this, this, and this is why, some administrators replied, “Oh, lets’s don’t hash this out on social media, its not healthy for the children.”

PNN would like to make sure it understands what our leaders are telling us.  Are you saying it is okay for these arrogant transients to disrespect, humiliate, belittle, and beat down our student athletes to satisfy their own inner child but it is not okay to call them out on it in the pages of PNN or on social media?  Are you saying that the TRUTH then becomes unhealthy for our County’s greatest future assets to hear?  Is this what our leaders are asking us to believe?  Its okay for these short term coaches, these useful idiots, who care not one bit for OUR future, to hurt our children but we aren’t allowed to point it out and to DEMAND it’s end?

How does that work?

Rather than saying, Coach, we DID go 2-8.  We thought we were going to the playoffs. Where do you see the problems, exactly? Instead, you ask: Who are you to say this, you insolent fool!  Don’t you know that we know what is best for our children?  A little beat down is good for our students, you suggest.  It will prepare them, you suggest, for what they can expect to have happen to them if they choose to stay in this County and try to make a living from within OUR system.  It will prepare them to accept our nepotistic values without fighting it so hard.  Is this what you, our “leaders”, are suggesting?

PNN asks you, Potneckners, just who owns the arrogance of these statements?  We all understand what Einstein described as the definition of insanity, don’t we?

PNN sadly made these predictions of our football program because it understood it’s deficiencies.  PNN likes Coach Finley and would like nothing more than to report on his successes.  The three stooges he has coaching for him, not so much.  PNN thinks it is admirable that Coach Finley teaches classes from within the scientific realm, classes such as Biology. On the other hand, PNN has NO RESPECT for Barry Jones and his childlike, egotistical dismantling of the best prospective basketball team that Stewart County has seen in 30 years just to satisfy his own agenda of a failed philosophy.

PNN reminds it’s readers that while this may be the last week of SC Football, it is only the beginning of SC Basketball and we have at least 25 games to go.  Relentless.

PNN believes that our student athletes CAN handle the truth and we should respect them as young adults to do so.

Once again, MY reputation is on the line.  I was, SADLY, proven right in my football prediction when all others proudly pontificated, to appease themselves of their obvious shortcomings, a “Playoff season”.  I now suggest that our basketball season will yield worse results this year than last year.  Who, in the know, doesn’t see this coming?

Personally, I like Coach Finley.  I DESPISE the arrogance, insolence, and ignorance of Barry Jones. As football season ends and basketball season begins PNN would like to assure it’s readers of one solid TRUTH.  We are just getting started.

PNN will not relent.  Our student athletes deserve better.



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Rudderless Rebels Return To Form, Eaten Alive By Camden Lions.

DATELINE: Camden, TN. 10/24/2014

The Stewart County Rebels, a team without an identity, fell to the mighty and classy Camden Lions tonight 40-19.  Ahead 27-0 after the 1st quarter, the Lions played their second and third string teams the entire 2nd half and coasted to an easy win at home.

Wearing their shameful smokey gray pants, a decision that some poor fool thought would be a good idea, the Rebels fell to a Black and Gold Camden team that radiated CLASS from their field to their press box.

It was clear to see that Stewart County just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to putting a product on the field that hopes to compete with ANYBODY.  Last week was a fluke that every team with good athletes stumbles upon every couple of years when they rise above their coaching and play against a better team that shows up “flat”.

Our Coaches are beyond substandard but didn’t Coach Finley look “hot” in his black and gold attire and PNN understands that this is important to some folks.  He wears Black and Gold, our TEAM wears smokey gray and our hapless assistant coaches wear whatever they feel like.

Principal Mike Craig looked lost on the sideline and why wouldn’t he be?  As the architect of this atrocious program, he has no answers and refuses help from those who know better than he about “class” and substance.

With this leadership, Stewart County will continue to wallow and languish in its mediocrity.  Coaches will continue to throw our student athletes to the Lions, so to speak, without a plan to defend themselves.  We have good athletes at SC.  They deserve better than what we are giving them on the sidelines and the blame lies squarely on the administration.

Where are our School Board members?  PNN will VERY soon begin to blame them for the worthless Coaches and Administrators they continue to put in front of our children.

Don’t you care, Billy Gray, that we are the laughing stock of the District?  What about you, Lesa Fitzhugh and all of your Board member partners?  Our field is disgusting and godawful and a disgrace to our County.  It is woefully apparent that you have no desire to build a winning sports program in Stewart County.  You are too narrow minded to understand that this revenue stream would fund itself with the right decisions made on your part. Confident Stewart County students evolve into confident Stewart County adults and citizens.  Does that scare you?  Or are you just too ignorant to know what to do?  PNN grows tired of offering to help.  Maybe YOU should be where the replacement starts?

Our children suffer because of your ignominious and shameful lack of leadership.  Its embarrassing that you, our Principal, and our Athletic Director have allowed the whispers about the inbred, backward, and hillbilly Stewart County to resurface.

Our children suffer because of your decisions, Billy Gray, Lesa Fitzhugh, Darrell Gillum, and the other part time school board members.  When it comes to our Athletic Programs, only Kenny Collins understands what we need to do to right this ship but he is just one vote.  The rest of you are not worth the paper ballots your names are written on.

Go home and stay there if you can’t do any better because it is painfully clear that you will ALWAYS accept this commonness.  PNN has had enough of it from all of you.  As an organization, we are classless and leaderless and it is a direct reflection on every one of YOU!

To those of you who still believe in this loser mentality, rock on with your bad self.  If you want to blame me for calling the kettle black, go right ahead.  I am strong enough to take that hit.  I will take it for our children.  They deserve better.

I am done with accepting failure.


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Amendment 1 on the Tennessee ballot November 4th. Where do you stand?

Pro-life versus pro-choice has been a question that many Potneckers, as well as many other Tennesseans and Americans, struggle with for much of their lives.  It is one of those situations where you may not know exactly what you will do until you are, personally, faced with it.

PNN believes that life begins at conception and, therefore, PNN is fundamentally opposed to abortion.  Two consenting adults, to include young adults, having sex, whether out of lust or love, are to be held accountable for their actions.  The child is the result of their agreed upon action.  The child must live and be loved and will be loved.

However, PNN understands that a child conceived from an evil act, such as rape or incest, is born from evil and thus, goes into a sadly gray area where the mother may then choose her destiny without the constant reminder of how, through her pain, her future was “chosen” for her, without her consent.  PNN believes this woman has a fundamental right to choose to abort a fetus created from evil.

This amendment, Amendment 1, will not outlaw abortion in Tennessee.  No matter which way Tennesseans vote on this, abortion will still be legal in Tennessee.  Amendment 1 only defines the legality of how an abortion may be obtained in our State and the restrictions that may be placed upon the facility and the people performing the acts.

This link provides many answers.  http://www.lifenews.com/2014/10/20/pro-life-tennessee-congresswoman-vote-yes-on-amendment-1/

Among other assertions, this article states:

Amendment 1 will not ban abortion in our state.  It will instead give all Tennesseans a say by empowering our elected representatives to enact protections for women and unborn children.  This includes informed-consent laws so that women know of any health risks associated with their abortion — a requirement that already exists for most other major surgeries — and regular inspections of abortion facilities to ensure compliance with health regulations.

PNN found it quite interesting to learn that Tennessee ranks 3rd in the Nation for “out of State” abortions.  That is, women from “out of State” choose to come to Tennessee, more than 47 other States, to receive their abortion.

This can only mean that it is because abortion in Tennessee is, in PNN’s view, “fast and easy”, and less regulated.

The abortion “industry” is the major contributor to the forces behind voting NO on Amendment 1.  Churches and local grass root organizations are the forces behind voting YES on Amendment 1.

This should help Potneckers to understand just who they stand beside with their vote and who is behind the scenes of this heavily funded and publicized “fight”.


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Sunday Morning Sunday School for October 19, 2014.

Sanctified Holy.

Are you “sanctified holy”?  What does it mean to be, “sanctified holy”?

Brother R.B. Dowd, may he rest in peace, was a former Pastor of the Long Creek Church of the Nazarene at Long Creek, TN.  He introduced me to the phrase “sanctified holy” back in 1998.  Since then, I have sought to learn just what it means to be “sanctified holy”.

Could I be “sanctified holy”?  Could you, Dear Reader, be “sanctified holy”?  Could anyone be?

Taken in the religious content, “sanctify” means:  To set aside for sacred use, to purify.

“Holy” means:  Belonging to, derived from, or associated with a divine power; sacred.

So, if “you” are sanctified holy it means that “you”, defining “you” as the body, the flesh, the mind, the spirit and your soul, have set “yourself” aside for sacred use ONLY by, and through, the divine power of God.  That is, every part of “you” is set aside for God.

Generically, sanctification means “the state of proper functioning.” So, to sanctify someone or something means that we set that person or that thing apart ONLY for the use that was intended by its creator. It would mean that a pen is “sanctified” when it is only used to write.  If you use a pen as a pointer it is no longer sanctified.  Eyeglasses are “sanctified” only when worn to improve your vision.  Your eyeglasses are not sanctified if they rest on your head as they are not being used for their intended purpose.  In the religious sense, people are sanctified when they are used for the purpose according to God’s design.

If you are sanctified holy then you walk in the Spirit of the Lord every waking moment of your life.

Galatians 5:16 says,

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

So you can, Dear Reader, be “sanctified holy” but it is not as easy as it looks.  There was only one perfect being and that was our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The only person that I have ever known to be even close to being sanctified holy was Brother R.B. Dowd.  He lived every second of his life walking in the Spirit and sharing the gospel.  God’s light was forever showing through him.  He showed me that it could be done, if you worked at it unceasingly.

Romans 12:1 says,

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

Praise the Lord.

The Bible, the word of God, is our handbook to salvation.  It is the peace that passes all understanding.  Thank you for sharing it with PNN today.


Editor’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure; I am not sanctified holy. I try to be and I work to be better almost all of the time as I try to help people and treat people fairly but there are times when I can’t hold my tongue or my pen.  I am constantly asking God to help me with my struggle of brutally calling things as I see them rather than just rolling over and taking it like I did when I was younger.  Back then, I sat blindly by and trusted man’s “authority”.  I have learned that man’s authority is not always right.  God tells me that it is sometimes better to point out a mistake rather than let it turn into something worse.  I used to hold my tongue but now, in my older age, I have learned that if you don’t take up for yourself you will get run over and silence only empowers, even more, those that don’t give a darn about anybody but themselves.

As I have mentioned here before, I don’t hold a monopoly on the truth, just my understanding of it.  I am grateful that PNN is beginning to get comments after each story. I encourage everyone to go back and read them and join in the discussion.


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DATELINE: Dover, TN 10/17/2014

From the opening kick-off until the final whistle, the SCHS Football Rebels played with the passion, speed, and intensity that we’ve been looking for all season and defeated the visiting and highly ranked Lewis County Panthers 26-15 tonight in front of an appreciative and adoring home crowd and tasted sweet victory for the second time this year.

The Rebels played and were coached as if a fire had been lit beneath them and whipped the Panthers in every facet of the game.

Led by Linebacker Ryan Pinkowski, Lewis County could do nothing on offense and were lucky to get even 15 points against an aggressive, hard hitting, and tenacious Rebel defense.

With a superior ground game that chewed up minute after precious minute, the Rebels running backs Tobias Clark and Jeremy Waters followed an offensive line that fired off the ball play after play after play and pounded the Lewis County defense for all it was worth.  The running backs hit the line hard, like a Mack truck, and punished every would-be tackler.  They made Lewis County wish that they had never heard of SC.

QB Trey Wienk ran the offense that Coach Finley is famous for and left nothing to chance as they gained first down after first down and when the Rebels scored late on a 4th and 1 at the goal line to put the game out of reach, they silenced, once and for all, those annoying cow bells emanating from the visiting side.

Left bloody and battered, the Lewis County players and coaches settled in for what surely will be a very long bus ride home.

The Rebels will celebrate tonight and they deserve it.

PNN would have liked to have seen this fire lit from game one and perhaps the Rebels could have gone to the State Playoffs, as some predicted, but better late than never and this is a win that the players, coaches, and fans can be proud of.

Confidence, attitude, and a noticeable intensity in Rebel eyes is what we saw tonight.

Remember from where you summoned up this intensity and motivation, Rebel players and Coaches.  Bottle it, and then release it again next Friday night.


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Stewart County Athletic’s Slow Burn Into Hell

With a callous disregard for the parents and a total disrespect for student athletes, the Stewart County High School Athletic administration continues to make all the wrong moves when it comes to preparing our greatest assets for their future.  Athletic Director Steve Nolin and SCHS Principal Mike Craig are truly the weak links in an administration that treats our children like trash.

It is one thing that these buffoons get promoted to their level of complete incompetency, but it is quite another that once they are exposed for what they are, they are then allowed to continue, unbridled, to make the same blatant mistakes that will influence our children for the rest of their lives.  In the history of Stewart County, we have all seen this time, and time again.

Some egregious and current examples include an egotistical head basketball coach brought into this County not on his merit but based strictly on his close affiliation with Mike Craig.  Why else would a man land here, in Stewart County, to accept his FIFTH position in ten years?  Barry Jones was run off, fired, or resigned from every position he has ever had yet Mike Craig’s influence peddling brings him here to immediately begin disrespecting and tearing down Stewart County athletes with more character and integrity in their little finger than this useful idiot has in his entire body.  Witness this, my fellow Stewart Countians.  A Senior basketball player endures four different coaching changes during his four years at SC only to be rewarded in his Senior year with a “coach” that humiliates him in front of his team mates and brings the discussion of his parents into the discourse of his coaching “techniques”.  This “coach” and I use the term very loosely, has single handedly destroyed the best young crop of basketball players this County has seen in 30 years.  PNN predicts that he will win less games than the last useful idiot hired before him, Tindol.  You would think these transients would try to protect their jobs a little better but they have no interest in Stewart County’s children, our future, and are only interested in their own big-headed, self-conceited satisfaction.  Here today, gone tomorrow and we Stewart Countians are left in the wake of their destruction holding the bag and asking, “What just happened?”

Football is the same way.  It was easy to predict that our football “program” would only win 2 games this year.  PNN gave them the benefit of the East Hickman game because they faired well against them in the preseason but it was proven that they did not get better as the season went along, only worse.  It looks as though they will not even meet my expectations and finish 1-9.  The only win coming, of course, against a helpless Houston County Class Single A team that could only field 14 players.  Don’t make excuses, people.  Fix it.  The blame lies NOT in the courage and conviction of our children but in the “cheap” minded coaches we hire to lead them.  It is OUR responsibility, as Stewart Countians, to make it better.

How could they get better?  In today’s game, the student athlete MUST BE afforded the respect they deserve.  This isn’t the old days where haircuts and ties and suit jackets were the norm.  Today, our athletes may sport dreadlocks and tattoos as this is who they are as a person.  This “growth” in their lives is not the cookie cutter white bread mentality of the past.  It is broad and diverse and chocked full, in many cases, of adversity.  This is how these student athletes define themselves.  This is the environment they have been raised in and coaches MUST respect that.  There are too many other distractions in the modern era that can pull great athletes away from a program.  They certainly will not “buy into” your program if you disrespect them as a person.  The head football “coach” at SC disrespects Freshman by not even SPEAKING to them!  It is appalling to witness this absurdity.  They are the immediate future!  The head coach’s thickheaded SWAT TEAM assistant is the most arrogant, unknowing, and unknowledgeable blockhead on the field.  Unfortunately, everyone but him understands this.

I am not the only person who feels this way, Potneckers.  Great, home grown Coaches are fleeing our programs every day because those in charge ALLOW this loser mentality to continue.  We have GREAT coaches in our midst but they become frustrated when they work for weeks on end to teach and coach our children in the right way only to see these losers come in here and muck up the process.  Then, these transient, perpetual washouts go on their merry way NEVER giving a second thought to those of us who will live here for generations to come and have to deal with their waste.  We have witnessed it for nearly 30 years and there MUST come a time when the people ask, “Don’t you know what you are doing?!”

PNN is confident that Director of Schools Leta Gray and SC School Board members have a plan to deal with the mediocrity that has been accepted here for so long.  Director Gray has expressed to me directly that there are future changes coming that will reinvigorate our Athletic programs.  She is excited about some of the future paths we may have available to take that can begin to revitalize our youth.  Chiefly among them, having Administrators and Coaches who are worth their “salt” and strive to make our schools better for ALL students.  We know that this goal is possible.  One only has to look at the sustained success of our music department, our Band, and our HOSA to know that great leaders yield great results.

To Mike Craig: We hear you are entertaining the idea of retiring in two years.  PNN reminds you that we, the people of SC and our children and grandchildren will be here long after your poor decision making abilities are forgotten and have gone by the wayside.  We are tired of your baseless rhetoric.  Your past actions speak volumes compared to your empty words.  Don’t mess it up too bad before you leave as many of us will still be left to pick up your pieces.

To Steve Nolin: How you got to the top of the Athletic department in SC is a mystery that boggles the mind.  How about earning your keep and start making hard decisions to protect our students and not your ego?  You are not “all that” and it is not about you.  Get over yourself.

The proof is in the pudding, my fellow Potneckers.  If disrespecting our youth and our parents led to victory then we would see this model throughout our Country.  These are the attributes of a failed system.  PNN doesn’t see this recipe as a successful mix. It doesn’t work here, it doesn’t work anywhere.

Finally, we continue to turn a blind eye to thievery in our locker rooms and kick student athletes in the top 10% of their Class to the curb.  Thieves steal from younger students and then intimidate them when the kids ask for their property back.  These administrators know the thieves do this but turn a blind eye because they are athletes.  What kind of team chemistry does that promote? What is wrong with this picture and who allows it to continue?  The names are named here.

The state of our men’s football and basketball athletic programs is disgraceful, at best.

It is my intention, going forward, to offer solutions to the School Board.  It must be up to them to finally say enough is enough.  Why is our current model NOT working?  Where does the fault lie and what can we all do to make it better?


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What Stewart County’s new Mini-Prison in Dover will give you.

The old days of simply signing in and visiting the local boy doing his time for a bad decision are over. You won’t be seeing your sonny boy standing outside the jail washing patrol cars or watering the flowers anymore.

They will be kept WELL inside this new prison complex and if you want to talk to them you can purchase a phone card from the “system” and for about 10 bucks you can talk to them for five minutes.  You won’t be able to physically see them but for 20 dollars you can see and speak with them via closed circuit video.  You see, my fellow Potneckers, the whole point of THIS type of system is to generate money.

The MONEY is created by the citizens, the relatives, and the friends of the inmate.  The inmate today is the pawn.  The bait, if you will, that is used to draw your money into the system.  Its ingenious, really.  Its worked very well throughout this Nation so far but the people are catching on to its grossly unfair treatment of inmates, many of them jailed for penniless crimes and kept extra days behind bars due to an unaccountable paper trail.

As usual, and right on cue, our Town and County leaders are about 15 years behind the power curve on this one.  People everywhere are now protesting these corrupted systems that bilk hard earned money from the NON-inmates of the County.  Not just knowing about but also counting on this new revenue stream, our local officials plowed ahead thinking very little of the impact and cost it will have on their constituents.

Here is a COMMON example.  Someone’s daughter won’t be provided tampons when she is picked up and held for that traffic violation and you can’t take them to her but you can put money into her “account” and she can purchase them from the prison’s company store for three times the normal price.  They will tell her that her problems are her problems.  Use toilet paper.

We, the people of Stewart County, wanted a new County Jail.  We, the people of Stewart County, needed a new County Jail.  What did we get instead?  A money sucking corporate styled prison complex that will feed off of our misery for decades.

The people responsible for this atrocity should be publicly rebuked and threatened to be recalled for bringing this curse, this pox of heartache and sadness, to our County Seat.

This misery has only just begun, Potneckers.  Break out your folding money and prepare to give it to The Mayor of Dover, The County Mayor, and the police corporations of this County who continue to find ways to suck our money and bleed us dry.

I hold these people, the ones who supported this disgraceful abomination, PERSONALLY accountable and responsible for that young girl, that “inmate” as they describe her, who goes into this jail for a traffic violation and is NOT provided the proper clothing sufficient to warm her.

The enjoyment of fast and easy money collected at the expense of Stewart Countians will be short lived as citizens come to understand what has been saddled upon them.

PNN will fight to expose the ways the powers that shouldn’t be gain monies from this crony, convict corporatism.  We won’t sit back and take pictures and say, oh my, look at the new County Jail and how its coming along!

PNN will expose it for what it is; an overgrown burden, hardship, and encumbrance to this County.  It can ONLY be sustained through every day citizens who are forced to pay for their children’s, relatives, and friends personal needs at astronomical prices.

We thank not our visionary-lacking leaders who bought into this greed driven, mini-prison complex mindset that will very quickly transform into a felony speed trap collecting State money for housing violent criminals and bedding them down next to our neighbors.

A 50 bed Country Jail for Stewart County was all we needed.


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Sunday Morning Sunday School for October 5th, 2014.

“God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.”

Matthew 13:51, 52 says,

51 Jesus said to them, Have you understood all these things? They answered, “Yes, Lord.”

52 He said to them, Therefore every teacher of the law who has become a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.

Some parables are old and hard to understand but we must try to understand them and apply them to our lives today.  Likewise, God says we must uncover new treasures and share new parables, as well.

Jesus made sure to ask his disciples, do you understand?

Why did Jesus make sure to ask if they understood?  Because sometimes we might not immediately understand everything in front of us.  Sometimes we come off as being nutty.  If we don’t understand something we have to think about it, we have to talk about it, we have to study it more.  Then, when we come to better understand the glory of our God, when the picture becomes clear, we will truly yield the spiritual fruits that He wants us to share with others.

Praise the Lord.

The Bible, the word of God, is our handbook to salvation.  It is the peace that passes all understanding.  Thank you for sharing it with PNN today.


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Go Houston County Fighting Irish!

The Houston County Fighting Irish 2014 football squad is a team to remember for all time.  With stout determination and fearlessness they have battled all year to keep their numbers high but injuries have plagued them and their squad has dwindled to 14, barely above the scant 11 needed to field a team.

But this is not a story about the quantity of that number.  This is a story about the quality of that number.  What is left in the numbers of this 2014 Irish football team is a program that will be marked in history.  These young student athletes play with the hearts of champions.  These young men, and the school they represent, are the future and the strength of Houston County.  They carry the mail for the County on Friday nights and they do it under a tremendous hardship.

They are 14 hearts of stone, 14 hearts of Irish green and gold.  They come together, on Friday nights, against overwhelming odds to perform, to work, and to sacrifice.  They endure this long season of hard knocks for their families and for their school.  They withstand the fight against the 50-60 young men on the other side of the field every Friday night for their honor and for their pride and they do it for the nearly four score years of history making Irish teams that did it before them.  But most of all they do it for themselves because these Houston Countians just won’t quit.  In their hearts of green and white and gold they will not let their tradition die.  Not on their watch.

Showing up, representing?  It is now a green badge of honor that this team of Irish wear on game night.  They are Fighting Irish survivors and they are models of true grit, unyielding endurance, and dogged tenacity.

They are the transition between feast and famine. They may be small in numbers and short on wins but they still share a common bond and a common connection with those heroic Irish teams of the past.  They are hungry for another win.  They sweat and bleed together from Monday through Thursday working to get one.  They work out in the weight rooms during the winter and they run in the summer.  They come together, all 14 of them now with their injured players, coaches, and legacy on certain, special Friday nights.  In the fall of Houston County with a cool crispness in the air these giants of the gridiron continue a tradition of green Irish football pride.  Its not just what they do, it is who they are.  It is the true heart of green and white and gold all over.

We can see it from Potneck.

Many current Houston County citizens have stood on the Houston County fields of old and new and sweated and bled and gave their all for Irish green.  Those Irish warriors of old are now called to return once more to the Friday night lights.  Your young Irish players need you.  On at least one Friday night this year, go and cheer loudly for your team.  They will hear you.  They fight the good fight for you, for your memory.  Honor them now with your presence and your voices.  Show them how proud you are of them for carrying your flag.

Rise up, 2014 Houston County Fighting Irish Football Team.  You stand on the shoulders of champions and they will keep you strong.

Much honor and respect from Potneck to our southern neighbors in Houston County.


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The Beauty of PNN?

There is a little button at the end of every story on PNN that says, “Leave a Comment”.

Please click on it and share your thoughts.  PNN doesn’t claim to hold a monopoly on the truth, just OUR understanding of it.  We will endeavor to correct any mistakes.

The beauty of PNN is that people can respond at ANY TIME in real time and voice their concerns and, PNN promises, your opposing views will be displayed here on this format.  You can even post anonymously.


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Life is short.

In the blink of God’s eye our lives begin, they play out, and then they are over.

How did you live your life?  What legacy, what history, do you leave behind?

Find inspiration in the video below.


God isn’t found just in a building. God is found first, and foremost, in your heart.

God bless you all.

jesus christ photo: jesus christ.jpg


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