“Stories From Potneck” to be found here. Stay tuned.

Honor.  Tradition.  Love.  Family.  Strength.  Courage.  Sacrifice.

All of these words, and 1,000 more, define what is found in the lives of people from Potneck.

In our newest feature, “Stories From Potneck”, PNN will share with you the power that fuels our lives.  Reading these stories will help people understand why we are proud to call ourselves “Potneckers”.

We know who we are and with these stories we remember where we came from.  These are your stories and at PNN we hope to receive them by the truckloads so that we may never run out of ways to share our love for Potneck.

Send your stories to me by message me on Facebook.

We are proud to be Potneckers and this is one place that we can show it!

A special thank you to Mitchell Earhart for providing PNN with excellent pictures from Potneck.

Special thanks, also, to our first contributors, Pamela Kay Austin via LeAnna Oliver.  Their story embodies Potneck, to the core.