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Ancient Knowledge

In the peace and quiet of your back yard, when you look up at the stars at night what do you see?  Do you see what the ancients saw?  Do you, can you, will you comprehend what they sought to understand?  If you were only male and female, if you removed all of the clutter from your lives, all of the material “things” that we chase every day, would you see only pure love in your life?  Would you have a greater appreciation for everything around you?

If your life was unobstructed by alarm clocks and deadlines, if ONLY the basic necessities of food and shelter and clothing were required to sustain you and keep you happy could you be free to be a greater, more integral part of the universe around you?  Would love be your compass?

I can’t explain this any better than you just watching it.

All I will offer as advice is, don’t just hear it.  “Listen” to it.  Give it your undivided attention.  I watch it for about 30 minutes, or so, before my “life” calls me away.  This is the life that we have all been “trained” to follow.  Sometimes I can squeeze in an hour of watching before I must leave.  Then, I come back when I am ready to “listen” again.

Be mindful.  Be aware.

Watching this will prepare you for the vortex of mathematical equations that I will share with you later.  All of these things I share with you, this 7 and 1/2 hour video and the mathematical energy equations that will follow, have one purpose.  That is, to help to bring us all closer to God.

NO ONE alive, with sentient thought, having the power of perception by the senses or a conscious, will be unable to understand this.  We can ALL understand this.  Even you, even me.

We, you, me, ALL of us can understand this if we just “listen” with our minds.  Focus.

Its way better than teevee.  If you say that you don’t have time for this in your lives then it truly means that you must make time for this in your lives.

Am I crazy, you might ask?  Have I lost “it”?  If wanting to separate myself from the warped frequencies of every day “normal living” and wanting to be closer to God and love is crazy then I stand guilty of that.  We have been trained by the teevee to turn from God. We must put love back into our lives.  This video helps us to do that.  This video does make one reference to God as a “skydaddie” and I disagree with this characterization as I believe that our God does control our lives through his word.  Nothing is perfect in this world.  We each make our own determinations.  Thank you for seeing past these imperfections.

Of course, The Excitement Chapter 5, The Turning, will continue in a few days and I thank you all for your continued interest.  I just wanted to share with you some of the things, imho, that can change our lives for the better. God bless you all.

Edit update 02/07/2015: Wish I had time to get back into all of this with you, Potneckers. It is fascinating.


151 Years After Their Deaths, Ceremony Remembers And Honors 17 Civil War Soldiers in Stewart County.

In a solemn graveside ceremony held yesterday, Veteran’s Day, on the grounds of the Dover First Christian Church cemetery, local historian Dan Griggs led a Civil War Honor Guard, The Civil War Singers, actors, widows, musicians, and citizens in paying tribute to 17 previously “unknown” soldiers who died during the Battle of Fort Donelson and were buried here in a mass grave over 150 years ago.

Click on the link below to see the splendid and admirable story as covered by Nashville’s WSMV TV Channel 4 News Reporter Dennis Ferrier.

For scores of years historians have speculated and sought to find the actual whereabouts of these fallen and forgotten men but Dan Griggs, using metal detectors, dowsing rods, probes, and a lifelong passion for history, finally discovered their remains in 2007.  It then took another 7 years to put together all of the proper documentation needed to identify these 16 enlisted men and 1 Commissioned Officer.  It may have taken 151 years to have a proper remembrance but, as local, beloved historian Dan Griggs appropriately concludes, “God takes care of those who are worthy”.

Martha Parker commented on her Facebook page the following:

As was appropriate, Dan Griggs was featured in this report.  An excerpt from Dan Bailey’s comments was also included.  Eva Linda Hays could be heard playing “Amazing Grace” on the harmonica.  I was pleased that The Civil War Singers were mentioned.

Standing on their part of the hillside on a cold day, much like the day they fell, Dan Griggs clearly read the names of these fallen heroes and Reverend Dan Bailey gave a sobering eulogy to honor the Americans, one and all.  These men are now forever remembered as each of their names is inscribed on a massive headstone at the site of their final resting place.

Wearing their full regalia, many dedicated Stewart Countians were also depicted in this story as they paid tribute to honor those now remembered men who gave the “last full measure of devotion” for their cause.


What Really Happened At Fort Donelson?

This is a brilliant synopsis of the Battle of Fort Donelson.  If you have not seen this video I encourage you to watch it and become more educated on this historical subject that we all, as Stewart Countians, have in common.

Thank you, Command Combat, for an excellent report and a slight correction provided in the comments of the video.