Vive Charlie Hebdo!

Long live Charlie Hebdo! is the translation of this PNN story.

Charlie Hebdo becomes a stand on principle.

The latest edition of Charlie Hebdo shows a picture of the Prophet Muhammad under a caption that reads, “All is Forgiven”.  The cartoon of the Islamic Prophet also holds a sign that says, “I am Charlie.”

Satire at it’s finest, according to PNN.  It could only be topped on the next cover by Obama, Boehner, and McConnell all kissing in one of those slobbering and grossly effective Charlie Hebdo cartoons.  But, alas, this is a French magazine and these are real French issues that we must come to grips with and understand.

After the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, PNN published a memorial to those who lost their lives in that planned attack against the free flow of opinion and fluid idealism.  In our memorial we recognized what Charlie Hebdo stands for and all those committed to free speech who were killed there.

After a brief time, PNN removed the tribute.  We were moving on.

However, it has become necessary now to rally round the rights of free speech.  In the days following the assault, free speech has become a question mark.  It has become a stand on principle.

Do we still have it?

This story will stay up.  PNN will never sacrifice free speech.

Vive Charlie Hebdo!


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