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Vive Charlie Hebdo!

Long live Charlie Hebdo! is the translation of this PNN story.

Charlie Hebdo becomes a stand on principle.

The latest edition of Charlie Hebdo shows a picture of the Prophet Muhammad under a caption that reads, “All is Forgiven”.  The cartoon of the Islamic Prophet also holds a sign that says, “I am Charlie.”

Satire at it’s finest, according to PNN.  It could only be topped on the next cover by Obama, Boehner, and McConnell all kissing in one of those slobbering and grossly effective Charlie Hebdo cartoons.  But, alas, this is a French magazine and these are real French issues that we must come to grips with and understand.

After the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, PNN published a memorial to those who lost their lives in that planned attack against the free flow of opinion and fluid idealism.  In our memorial we recognized what Charlie Hebdo stands for and all those committed to free speech who were killed there.

After a brief time, PNN removed the tribute.  We were moving on.

However, it has become necessary now to rally round the rights of free speech.  In the days following the assault, free speech has become a question mark.  It has become a stand on principle.

Do we still have it?

This story will stay up.  PNN will never sacrifice free speech.

Vive Charlie Hebdo!


In Memory of Charlie Hebdo and the Death of Free Speech.


charliememorial2 charliememorial

Parisians, Frenchmen, and the world remembers Charlie Hebdo.

This is war.  Prepare yourselves from Potneck to Paris.

Free Speech was attacked yesterday by a violent middle eastern religion that has no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with it.

Is that true?  Or, is this another false flag attack to further divide the world into perpetual war and continuous fighting for ideology?

Is it Muslims against the rest of us?

This is becoming the perception more and more today.  It has been projected in the mass media as such and this religion is secretly believed by many to be of a suspicious behavior. Much of this belief stems from the beheading occurrences that seem to follow it.

Suspicion was the moderate perception of the religion even before yesterday’s attack. Most Americans, and most Potneckers, still want to believe in the acceptance of Islam as a peaceful religion.  The mass media was, and is, largely complicit in the selling of the “Nation of Peace” ideology and, as tolerant Americans, we easily bought it.

Everyone gets a chance in America.

But are these attacks a sign of things to come?  Michel Houellebecq’s book, “Submission” is a cutting edge, mid 21st century prediction of a futuristic, apocalyptic, and heavily Muslim influenced France.  The France of today does allow for this scenario to occur.

As Potneckers we must ask ourselves, is this a natural occurrence that will be held within the borders of Northern Paris?  Of, even France?  Or, can we expect this to happen in London in 20-30 years?  In Michigan in 40-50 years?  In Potneck in 100 years?

Is this just a passing religious murder phase that is centrally located in only one major area of concern in the world?  Is this now a global concern?  Is it war?  Potneckers are some of the smartest people I know.  What do you, Potneckers, think?

Is a purge coming?  And, if a purge is coming, it remains to be seen, doesn’t it, just who is to be purged?  It also remains to be seen whether it takes 1 year to finish the purge or 100 years.  The time table will be indicative of who the victor will be.

Can there be a different solution?  Can a “peace” be found where the Nation of Islam and Muslims can accept being intellectually challenged by their fellow humans on the basis of religion?  This is what all other religious beliefs are expected to do.

Can Muslims, if, indeed, it is the Muslim ideology that is perpetuating these crimes, be expected to be tolerant of all attacks against them whether they be ideological, intellectual, or satirical?  There is no middle ground in the protection of free speech.

Is this another 9/11, Sandy Hoax false flag?  The fact that we don’t know, for sure, is very upsetting.

This is where we are.

For whatever reason, Parisians are being purged right now.

Who is at fault and what shall we do?

PNN is Charlie Hebdo.


Bubble reads, “Must veil Charlie Hebdo!”  PNN understands the picture to be depictions of The Pope, The Prophet Muhammad, and some representation of a Jewish person.  Charlie Hebdo is described as a weekly French satirical publication, founded in 1969, that satires everything in France from Charles de Gaulle and politics to religion of all types.  Charlie Hebdo’s editor and graphic artist director were viciously assassinated yesterday along with 10 others, including two unarmed policemen.

charlie-hebdo-coverThis is a spoof of the film The Untouchables 2.  The bubble reads, “Must Not Mock” and is attributed to both a cartoon depicted as the Prophet Muhammad and the common Charlie Hebdo rendition of a Jewish person.  These Jewish representations depicted by Charlie Hebdo seem to be a reflection of orthodox Jewish beliefs.  Potneck News encourages all Potneckers to respond with their thoughts on these cartoons.  Are they “okay” or are they “off limits”?


This Prophet Muhammad says, “100 lashes if you are not dying of laughter.”

This is what got 12 people killed in France yesterday. Seems innocent, enough, to PNN.

Stephane Charbonnier, Editor of Charlie Hebdo gave his life for the rights of free speech.  He is famous for saying in 2012, “I would rather die standing than live on my knees.”

The following is the, “Mother of all Prophet Muhammad cartoons”.

muhammed_cartoonReprinting or posting this cartoon has gotten people killed in the past.

Is this free speech or is it poor taste?

Does it really matter?

What kind of insecurity fears this freedom?

PNN doesn’t fear this.  Do you?

At last report, no one will kill or threaten to kill you for reproducing the pictures below. (Click on the images for clarity.)

jesusfunny  'Lazarus, I'll raise you.'  jesusfunny3

Are we at a crossroads?  Will this war come to Potneck?



DATELINE: Dover, TN 10/17/2014

From the opening kick-off until the final whistle, the SCHS Football Rebels played with the passion, speed, and intensity that we’ve been looking for all season and defeated the visiting and highly ranked Lewis County Panthers tonight 26-15 in front of an appreciative and adoring home crowd. The Rebels tasted sweet victory for the second time this year.

The young men played and were coached as if a fire had been lit beneath them and whipped the Panthers in every facet of the game.

Led by Linebacker Ryan Pinkowski, Lewis County could do nothing on offense and were lucky to get even 15 points against an aggressive, hard hitting, and tenacious Rebel defense.

With a superior ground game that chewed up minute after precious minute, the Rebels running backs Tobias Clark and Jeremy Waters followed an offensive line that fired off the ball play after play after play and pounded that Lewis County defense for all it was worth.  The running backs hit the line hard, like a Mack truck, and punished every would-be tackler.  They made certain that Lewis County would remember the Rebels.

QB Trey Wienk ran the ground control offense that Coach Finley is famous for and left nothing to chance as they gained first down after first down and when the Rebels scored late on a 4th and 1 at the goal line to put the game out of reach, they silenced, once and for all, those annoying cow bells emanating from the visiting side.

Left bloody and battered, the Lewis County players and coaches settled in for what surely will be a very long bus ride home.

The Rebels will celebrate tonight and they deserve it.

PNN would have liked to have seen this fire lit from game one and perhaps the Rebels could have gone to the State Playoffs, as some predicted, but better late than never and this is a win that the players, coaches, and fans can be proud of.

Confidence, attitude, and a noticeable intensity in Rebel eyes are what we saw tonight.

Remember from where you summoned up this intensity and motivation, Rebel players and Coaches.  Bottle it, and then release it again next Friday night.


Go Houston County Fighting Irish!

The Houston County Fighting Irish 2014 football squad is a team to remember for all time.  With stout determination and fearlessness they have battled all year to keep their numbers high but injuries have plagued them and their squad has dwindled to 14, barely above the scant 11 needed to field a team.

But this is not a story about the quantity of that number.  This is a story about the quality of that number.  What is left in the numbers of this 2014 Irish football team is a program that will be marked in history.  These young student athletes play with the hearts of champions.  These young men, and the school they represent, are the future and the strength of Houston County.  They carry the mail for the County on Friday nights and they do it under a tremendous hardship.

They are 14 hearts of stone, 14 hearts of Irish green and gold.  They come together, on Friday nights, against overwhelming odds to perform, to work, and to sacrifice.  They endure this long season of hard knocks for their families and for their school.  They withstand the fight against the 50-60 young men on the other side of the field every Friday night for their honor and for their pride and they do it for the nearly four score years of history making Irish teams that did it before them.  But most of all they do it for themselves because these Houston Countians just won’t quit.  In their hearts of green and white and gold they will not let their tradition die.  Not on their watch.

Showing up, representing?  It is now a green badge of honor that this team of Irish wear on game night.  They are Fighting Irish survivors and they are models of true grit, unyielding endurance, and dogged tenacity.

They are the transition between feast and famine. They may be small in numbers and short on wins but they still share a common bond and a common connection with those heroic Irish teams of the past.  They are hungry for another win.  They sweat and bleed together from Monday through Thursday working to get one.  They work out in the weight rooms during the winter and they run in the summer.  They come together, all 14 of them now with their injured players, coaches, and legacy on certain, special Friday nights.  In the fall of Houston County with a cool crispness in the air these giants of the gridiron continue a tradition of green Irish football pride.  Its not just what they do, it is who they are.  It is the true heart of green and white and gold all over.

We can see it from Potneck.

Many current Houston County citizens have stood on the Houston County fields of old and new and sweated and bled and gave their all for Irish green.  Those Irish warriors of old are now called to return once more to the Friday night lights.  Your young Irish players need you.  On at least one Friday night this year, go and cheer loudly for your team.  They will hear you.  They fight the good fight for you, for your memory.  Honor them now with your presence and your voices.  Show them how proud you are of them for carrying your flag.

Rise up, 2014 Houston County Fighting Irish Football Team.  You stand on the shoulders of champions and they will keep you strong.

Much honor and respect from Potneck to our southern neighbors in Houston County.