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SC speaks.  The 2014 VOTE is in.

In the recent SC Sheriff’s election, Deryk Wyatt held on to his office by 0.04% of the vote.

SC remains divided.  David Hicks is the division.

Deryk Wyatt has as opportunity to repair his administration.  PNN predicts he will not do it until he becomes his own man.  Surrounding himself with ignorance does not yield positive results, it yields ignorant results.  Puppets react to their strings being pulled.  Men blaze trails.  Your strings are showing, Sheriff.


Top 3 ways Deryk Wyatt has failed Stewart County:

1. Soon after being elected, one of Sheriff Wyatt’s Deputies shot and killed a life-long Stewart County resident’s dog on Natcor Drive without so much as seeking minimal assistance from the pet owner.  There to investigate a one car fender bender, Wyatt’s deputy left his mark on the quiet residential neighborhood by first mishandling his Taser at the critical time he exacerbated or intensified and then by exploding the peace with four tragic killing gunshots that were clearly uncalled for and could have been handled in a much civil manner.  As a matter of fact and most perplexing is the notion that the pet owner was outside out of curiosity for the light pole that was hit by the vehicle in front of his house but the judgment-lacking deputy ORDERED him back into the house and then he shot the dog.  Sheriff Wyatt displayed a certain callous disregard for his own citizen’s individual liberty by not reprimanding this deputy and issuing policy statements on how to prevent these types of instances from repeating.

2. It is again this error in critical judgment that Sheriff Wyatt continued to display that prevented him from joining with the families of Carla Sue Atkins and Vickie Lee Stout during their prayer vigil of October 5th, 2013 to show enduring Stewart County Sheriff’s Department support to uncover the killer of these two young Stewart County girls.  On someone’s advice, Sheriff Wyatt made a conscious decision NOT to attend this function and alienated himself and his administration from the cause of seeking true justice in these brutal unsolved crimes.  PNN believes that this is a serious and grievous separation of himself from the community he has been elected to represent and this grave error in judgment cannot easily be repaired.

3. Sheriff Wyatt refuses sound advice from established law enforcement icons and continues to make poor management decisions based on unsound advice given to him by the failed professionals HE chooses to place around him.

PNN sees no relief and no change in a 2nd Deryk Wyatt Sheriff’s administration and, therefore, no need for Stewart Countians to waste their vote on a Sheriff who will continue to separate himself from his electorate.  Showing that you care about your community and the citizens who elected you is a day in and day out job and it is not something that you do only at election time.  PNN does not see this current administration as a model of law enforcement that is most beneficial to the citizens of Stewart County.


The origins of Potneck.

Known as one of the earlier settled communities in Stewart County, there are several stories as to how Potneck received its name. One version states that there was a crook in the river resembling the neck of a tea pot. If you run down the Cumberland River you will note that this is, in fact, true.  There is a bend, a couple of miles North of town that would have, in the early 19th century, been a lot smaller and a lot more predominant as a tea pot neck.

A more colorful story, however, tells that early in the 1800’s a south side man and a north side man had an argument following a few hours of drinking during a picnic down across the Cumberland River on the north side of Dover. Remember, to go “down” the river is to go north, towards Kentucky.  The southside man walloped the northside one with a skillet.  He gave him a mean lick with a skillet!  Whereupon, the northside man smacked the southside one with a pot that, then, broke to its neck!  He was left holding only the pot’s neck in his hand.

Following this incident, the south side was known as Lick Skillet and later, Lick Creek?  The north side became know as Potneck and the name did not change. Some sort of division line had, apparently, been long established.  Possibly, that division line is now best defined as Highway 79 running East and West and the Cumberland River flowing South to North.

Early settlers of Potneck included the Cherrys, Lewis’, Williams’, Pages, Jacksons, Wallaces, and the Newberrys. POTNECK is located on the east side of the Cumberland River running about 6 miles north and away from Highway 79.  Most people between there and Ft. Campbell declare themselves to be “Potneckers”.  However, I have heard that people from as far away as California have also claimed to be “Potneckers!”.

Stewart List subscriber, Chuck Allen, writes, “Pot Neck is the area just across the river from Dover, actually behind the Headquarters [now, Pit Stop] toward Bumpus Mills, but there are people on and around Bagsby Hill that claim that area as Potneck too. I always considered the whole area as Potneck myself.”

Most everyone living there, if asked, would be proud to be called a “Potnecker”.

Please share your stories of Potneck.

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