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If you were once great, you are forever great.  Greatness is born inside each and every one of us.

Never forget that, Stewart Countians.

One of the last things that Eddie Holman says in this video is, “Thank you, Jesus.  Thank you, Lord.”  This is because Eddie understands that through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, all things are possible.

I will treat every post that I put on PNN from this moment on as if it will be my last. Because, surely, one of them will be.

PNN has lit a fire inside the well fortified nest that the powers that be in this County have been building for a very long time.  One of two things will happen.  Either they will silence me and PNN or we, as a County joined together, will force meaningful change.

Any vehicle that brings people together is a challenge to power.  PNN brings us together.

PNN is truthful.  Unfortunately, sometimes truth can be the most dangerous thing.

I hope you enjoy the video.  Every now and again we all just need to breathe, to relax, to smile, and do the things that make us happy.

God Bless You All.



PNN Makes Profound Request.

To those of you in places of power, PNN makes one simple, yet profound, request.

Tell me where I am wrong.  Don’t frivolously sue me.  Don’t plant drugs in my car or my home and then arrest me on false charges in an effort to discredit me as you have done against Stewart County truth tellers of the past.

Tell me where I am wrong.

PNN understands there is now an ongoing effort to neutralize me and my website by “any means possible”.  If you arrest me on false drug charges, I will show that my system is completely free of any illegal substance.

Tell me where I am wrong.


Comments to this post:

Are you kidding me!?  Are they really trying to shut you down? That just proves the whole world wants to dictate instead of lead. Thats crazy, we have rights. These rights WILL BE DEFENDED! Do they not realize that this is what we have been teaching our kids. [To speak up]. What should happen is every time they come up for election lets vote them out. These people are on a sick power trip and they work for us. That’s crazy. Signed: SC Born and Raised.

Thank you, SC Born and Raised. We should remember who has the power to set people up like this and just who, conveniently, is there to report it. If my sources are correct, and they are, only law enforcement could pull me over (on a “tip” that is a lie) or come into my house (based on a “tip” that is a lie).  This is the way the powers in control work to silence their opposition. NOT by standing up and saying where they are right and the opposition is wrong but by discrediting the opposition. Yes, they have done it before and ruined parts of people’s lives. It takes a VERY strong willed and strong minded individual to recover from these public accusations and “set ups”.  It, generally, takes years to fight it and overcome it but the damage will already be done.  When the Court day comes and goes and no charges are brought, or the charges are dropped the Stewart Houston Times won’t report that part of the story. RLB4

Thanks. I’m telling everyone I know about this page and have been.  It needs to be seen by everyone.  At least here when someone writes their thoughts down, that’s how it is shown. It is not reworded to fit some sicko twisted way of thinking to uphold the idiots running our county.  Please keep up the good work. Signed: SC Born and Raised

Thanks again, SC Born and Raised.  We do have some Commissioners and School Board Members that work hard for their people. Kenny Collins is as good as gold in PNN’s book. I think Leta Gray wants to try to make it better but she is surrounded by her enemies. She has to be RUTHLESS and an IRON LADY in her decision making or she will be forced out. We saw this with Anita Hawkins, didn’t we?  Good people in power need to STRIKE while the iron is hot and from their Stewart County heart or forever be cut down by those idiots that you mentioned.  Thanks again, for spreading the word of PNN.  I respect people like you, SC Born and Raised, to point out when you disagree with me.  I won’t be right all of the time and that is the beauty of criticism.  With it, we can make things better. Silencing it keeps the old ugly snowball rolling.  Thank you in advance, SC B&R, for speaking up and pointing out my mistakes so I can try to make them right. RLB4


The origins of Potneck.

Known as one of the earlier settled communities in Stewart County, there are several stories as to how Potneck received its name. One version states that there was a crook in the river resembling the neck of a tea pot. If you run down the Cumberland River you will note that this is, in fact, true.  There is a bend, a couple of miles North of town that would have, in the early 19th century, been a lot smaller and a lot more predominant as a tea pot neck.

A more colorful story, however, tells that early in the 1800’s a south side man and a north side man had an argument following a few hours of drinking during a picnic down across the Cumberland River on the north side of Dover. Remember, to go “down” the river is to go north, towards Kentucky.  The southside man walloped the northside one with a skillet.  He gave him a mean lick with a skillet!  Whereupon, the northside man smacked the southside one with a pot that, then, broke to its neck!  He was left holding only the pot’s neck in his hand.

Following this incident, the south side was known as Lick Skillet and later, Lick Creek?  The north side became know as Potneck and the name did not change. Some sort of division line had, apparently, been long established.  Possibly, that division line is now best defined as Highway 79 running East and West and the Cumberland River flowing South to North.

Early settlers of Potneck included the Cherrys, Lewis’, Williams’, Pages, Jacksons, Wallaces, and the Newberrys. POTNECK is located on the east side of the Cumberland River running about 6 miles north and away from Highway 79.  Most people between there and Ft. Campbell declare themselves to be “Potneckers”.  However, I have heard that people from as far away as California have also claimed to be “Potneckers!”.

Stewart List subscriber, Chuck Allen, writes, “Pot Neck is the area just across the river from Dover, actually behind the Headquarters [now, Pit Stop] toward Bumpus Mills, but there are people on and around Bagsby Hill that claim that area as Potneck too. I always considered the whole area as Potneck myself.”

Most everyone living there, if asked, would be proud to be called a “Potnecker”.

Please share your stories of Potneck.


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