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Can anyone say, “Road trip to Knoxville”?



It is PNN’s view that misplaced coach Barry Jones has single-handed destroyed Stewart County High School pride and diversity with his detestable leadership and repulsive, obnoxious coaching techniques concerning the SCHS men’s basketball program.  He did it but the Principle allowed it to happen.

Some of the best and brightest players in our school have been cast aside to make room, clearly, for administrator’s children.  Cast aside is a generous term.  Mr. Jones has humiliated, embarrassed, and run off some of the best student athletes our High School has seen in a generation to satisfy his own personal desires.

Mr. Jones will claim the cuts, which left our Team with only 7 varsity players (4 of which are administrator’s offspring), improved SCHS to an overall 15-15 record.  Not too shabby, compared to last year, he will proclaim.  But lets look inside those numbers that Mr. Jones’ suspect coaching points to as a reward.  What did we gain by destroying our school’s pride and our ethnic diversity?  What do we gain by fomenting a philosophy of exclusion rather than inclusion?

Over half of their wins came against teams with a combined record of 19-78!  If you are keeping score at home then you know that over half of their wins came against teams with an average record of 5-20!  You beat all of the weak sisters, Mr. Jones, and you claim victory?

What cost was your victory?  It seems we are running a pretty expensive little operation to only placate a few children, those lucky (or unlucky) enough to be claimed by you and your administrator buddies.  You traded School Pride, Mr. Barry Jones and Mr. Mike Craig, and a solid team for special consideration to a privileged few.

The saddest part of this whole story?  If you thought you were helping them, your children were hurt the most.

Lets make it a little better for you, shall we?  10 of your wins, fully 2/3 of all of your wins came against teams with a record of 42-111 or an average record of 7-18!

Was it worth the sacrifice, Mr. Jones and Mr. Craig, of humiliating and running off student athletes who’s cherished love of the game was trumped and tarnished by your egotistical, selfish wants?

Of course, it was not.  Thank you, Mr. Craig, for sacrificing our children to sustain your own.  That is not how it is supposed to work.  That is not how fair minded people make decisions to benefit the entire school.

This is the kind of action taken by egotistical psychopaths and any Stewart Countian that is paying attention sees it.  Lets lay it out for you so there can be no denying the facts.

SCHS Men’s Basketball record: 15-15

Below are the teams we played, their record, and the wins we logged against them:

Lewis County               3-21          2 wins

Fairview                        3-22          2 wins

Clarksville Academy   6-17           2 wins

East Hickman               7-18           2 wins

This gives a total of:    19-78         8 wins  (Beat teams with an average record of 5-20!)

Hickman County         11-17           1 more win

Portland                        12-16          1 more win

(Source: 2/20/2015)

Figuring these extra two wins to account for 2/3 of our total (10) wins against teams with a total won/loss record of 42-111!  Or, an average of 7-18!

Thats who we were beating, the weak sisters of the District.  Jones destroyed a school’s team, it’s diversity, and it’s school’s pride to beat all of the weak sisters and claim a shallow victory.  We are not impressed.

PNN maintains the loss of great kids to a program simply because the coach is a Class A jerk hand picked by a Class A bully is unacceptable.  We lost diversity, leadership, and depth because we need to run a very costly program to satisfy almost ONLY administrator’s kids.  How does that wash out?

This is not the kid’s fault.  Those who continue to play and those who were run off are all victims of poor leadership.  The fault lies squarely on you and I, Dear Reader, for allowing this to happen.

Demand better or accept mediocrity.



Congratulations are in order for the SC Men’s Basketball Team.  Even though they lost by the usual 46 points to Creekwood tonight (99-53) , the young men overcame a year’s worth of pitiful coaching to beat all of the other weak sisters of the District and they cobbled together a .500 season by the end of the year.  Not too shabby at all considering they probably have the worst Coach in the Region.  With only 7 Varsity players left on the team, those 7 Stewart Countians displayed the heart and courage of a lion to fight through their shortcomings, turnovers, and lack of rebounding.  Another wasted year has gone by the wayside for a SC Team that once held great promise.  Two years ago I predicted we would have two new gold banners hanging in our gym; one for this year as District Runner-Up and one for next year for who knows what?  Maybe two banners next year?  Jesus, was I wrong!  We barely even have enough players to field a team.

We are now just waiting for the implosion.  It will come.

Want proof?

Look at the new players and cheerleaders board on the wall inside the gymnasium.  Its a very nice board and professionally installed.  The Lady Rebels and the Cheerleaders columns have so many names that they ran out of space to place them.  The men’s basketball team has 8 names.  Over half of the column is blank.

Our kids deserve better.

There is a ground swell of dissent.


DATELINE DOVER, TN. 01/28/2015

Congratulations to Mike Craig’s hand picked destroyer of Stewart County High School men’s basketball.  Barry Jones, coaching (laughable to call him a coach) his 5th team in 10 years across two States, has taken the very best crop of young talent to come out of this County in 30 years and coached them into sad mediocrity.  They will struggle to finish with an even record.  It is a testament to the young men that they have succeeded, at all with this egotistical maniac at the helm.

Our team is now down to 8 varsity players (out of the WHOLE school)!  What a piece of work this Jones character is.  Mike Craig needs to find that rock he dug him out from under and both of them need to go hide underneath it until this County can find the strength to forgive them for their ignorance.  That will take years, if ever.

The basketball gymnasium lobby @ SC, the one named after Mike Craig’s father is a disgrace to the County.  It looks more like a mausoleum than a lobby.  They have removed the pictures from the walls and you would think we had NO history here.

Speaking of men’s basketball, the coach has no pride in our team or our home.  He has not “bought into” Stewart County.  It shows in the way he treats our children.  He has no time for them.  They are only his paycheck.

Our coaches and administrators seem to be psychologically damaged egomaniacs and yet you would think they hung the moon.  PNN knows what they are.  They are imitators.  They are liars.  Many of them are running from or hiding from something or they wouldn’t even be here.  In fact, my guess is that most reading this article agree with PNN.

The MOST important thing in SC today is that the a few children get to participate.  Isn’t that the Stewart County way?  It’s too bad they can only be coached to a .500 level or 2-8 football season.

It’s too sad because the kids are such good athletes that with just a little help and a lot better coaching, they could carry the load.  The players know this.  Look at their numbers. They voted with their feet.  There are no replacements.

Records do matter.  Character matters.  Learning how and being taught how to succeed matters! With a real coach and the talent we have in this County I GUARANTEE you our basketball record would be 17-6 or 18-5 right now and challenging Waverly for the #2 spot in the district.  If you don’t think I could find a coach to make them better, try me.  Our football team could have easily been 5-5. This is not rocket science, people.

One year, ten years of hiring idiots is forgivable but now this is the norm and we look to the decision makers as those accountable for this continuing failure to motivate, this continuing failure to lead.

Go to a game, Potneckers. Cheer on those last 8 basketball varsity players.  God knows they have earned it.




SC stands @ 7-7 right now.  With the RIGHT coaching and players we should be 12-2 and maybe 13-1.  Our young men have earned every win.  We have to help them more.


DATELINE, DOVER, TN. 11/11/2014

The Stewart County Lady Rebels played tough in their home opener against Portland but fell short on the scoreboard to the visiting team.  The ladies are working hard on their game and will play for a better result Friday night when McEwen comes to town.

DATELINE. DOVER, TN. 11/16/2012.

There were four basketball games played tonight at SCHS.  The JV Girls played tough and lost a last second heart breaker to a peppy little McEwen group.  The JV boys started slow but picked up momentum and wore down a determined McEwen JV squad.  SCHS Varsity girls play big and get a huge victory against a tough McEwen team.  SCHS Varsity boys went up against a 6’7″ 250 lb. force from McEwen and he proved to be too much in the end. Freshmen Craig and Ford played big for Coach Tindol and Coach Ralls.  Coaches for both SC teams on their games tonight.

 Stewart County Middle School girls are, once again, Champions of their League.

The SCMS girls basketball team, coached by Kenny Daniel, are Champions again!  For the second time in three years Coach Daniel guided his 2012 SCMS girls to a league championship.  Through superb play that included excellent ball handling skills, the girls demolished Houston County in the Final defeating the shell shocked Irish 38-18.  Developing…

Kenny Daniel, “History of a Champion”, coming soon with the Coach’s approval.  Stay tuned…

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