DATELINE DOVER, TN. 01/28/2015

Congratulations to Mike Craig’s hand picked destroyer of SC Men’s Basketball.  Barry Jones, coaching (laughable to call him a coach) his 5th team in 10 years across two States, has singlehandedly taken the very best crop of young talent to come out of this County in 30 years and coached them into sad mediocrity.  They will struggle to finish with an even record.  It is a testament to the young men that they have succeeded, at all with this egotistical maniac at the helm.

Our team is now down to 8 varsity players (out of the WHOLE school)!  What a piece of work this Jones character is.  Mike Craig needs to find that rock he dug him out from under and both of them need to go hide underneath it until this County can find the strength to forgive them for their ignorance.  That will take years, if ever.

The Basketball Gymnasium Lobby @ SC, the one named after Mike Craig’s father is a disgrace to the County.  It looks more like a mausoleum than a lobby.  They have removed the pictures from the walls and you would think we had NO history here.

Speaking of Men’s Basketball, we have no pride in our team, our home, or ourselves and it shows in our record and our house.  This won’t change until we change some of these pathetic, bullying, so-called “leaders” that are collecting paychecks and ruining this County.

If you thought we could get ahead a little better in our school system with a regime change, after riding in the back seat and feigning ignorance for 30 years, you were wrong!  Nothing has changed.  We are still just as blissfully ignorant on the school board as we ever were.

Our coaches and administrators are proven home wreckers and egomaniacs yet you would think they hung the moon.  PNN knows what they are.  They are imitators.  They are liars.  Many of them are running from or hiding from something or they wouldn’t even be here.  They are not worthy of this County but they are very good “Yes” men and that is what counts.  I am only speaking of two coaches and ALL administrators.  The rest of you who may take offense can get your panties out of a wad.  You know you are NOT the problem. 

The MOST important thing in SC today is that the administrators and coach’s children all get to play.  Isn’t that the Stewart County way?  It’s too bad they can only play .500 basketball or 2-8 football but that is irrelevant.  Records don’t matter, do they?  With a real coach and the talent we have in this County I GUARANTEE you our basketball record would be 17-6 or 18-5 right now and challenging Waverly for the #2 spot in the district.  If you don’t think I could make them better, try me.  Our football team could have easily been 5-5.

Or, go to a game a cheer on those last 8 varsity players.  Do something, for God’s sake.  Get involved!  Go watch the joke that coaches the team or the admnistrators that sit on the visitor’s side of the gym because they are too good to sit with SC fans.  Over half of the 8 players left on the team are administrators kids and they aren’t allowed to speak up and say, “no” to the madness so they’ll be there (whether they like it, or not).  Our whole system is a joke and it starts at the top.

Are you listening, School Board Members?  This is your fault!  YOU are signing off on bringing coaches to our county that split up families and destroy young people.  It’s time for you all to wake up and smell the coffee.

STOP allowing these IDIOTS to teach and influence our children.  Do your JOBS!  Earn your paychecks!



SC stands @ 7-7 right now.  With the RIGHT coaching and players we should be 12-2 and maybe 13-1.  Our young men have earned every win.  We have to help them more.


DATELINE, DOVER, TN. 11/11/2014

The Stewart County Lady Rebels played tough in their home opener against Portland but fell short on the scoreboard to the visiting team.  The ladies are working hard on their game and will play for a better result Friday night when McEwen comes to town.

DATELINE. DOVER, TN. 11/16/2012.

There were four basketball games played tonight at SCHS.  The JV Girls played tough and lost a last second heart breaker to a peppy little McEwen group.  The JV boys started slow but picked up momentum and wore down a determined McEwen JV squad.  SCHS Varsity girls play big and get a huge victory against a tough McEwen team.  SCHS Varsity boys went up against a 6’7″ 250 lb. force from McEwen and he proved to be too much in the end. Freshmen Craig and Ford played big for Coach Tindol and Coach Ralls.  Coaches for both SC teams on their games tonight.

 Stewart County Middle School girls are, once again, Champions of their League.

The SCMS girls basketball team, coached by Kenny Daniel, are Champions again!  For the second time in three years Coach Daniel guided his 2012 SCMS girls to a league championship.  Through superb play that included excellent ball handling skills, the girls demolished Houston County in the Final defeating the shell shocked Irish 38-18.  Developing…

Kenny Daniel, “History of a Champion”, coming soon with the Coach’s approval.  Stay tuned…

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