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  1. I am very interested in the Article that I read yesterday about Vickie and Carla Stout. I tried to re-read it today and it will not let me. I would like to have the entire Article if I could. It is very interesting as to what our officials are doing and have been doing. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Carol. Unfortunately, this is an evolving piece of writing. I don’t usually keep copies of anything other than what is in my head. Since I did create the piece I can go back between paragraphs and see, myself, where I softened the blow a little on law enforcement to allow them to do their work. I’ve taken some things out that most people have a general consensus of agreement on. The answers are out there and I do hope you become an activist for the cause of bringing these killers or killer to justice. TY Carol

  2. Can you tell us what ever happen to that old guy selling those signs and who was he. Was he for real or was he an imposter trying to make money for himself.

  3. I hope “Mr. A” can answer this for himself. But in the meantime, PNN would like to weigh in on this question.
    That “old guy” is a Stewart County FAN with a capital letter. Is he an accountant? I don’t think so. Were his monies properly allocated and defined as to the category as they were received? I believe he, himself, has said that he made miscalculated judgments with how this money was “protected” and it was a learning experience for him, as well. Did he contribute the great majority of the monies earned to the school? PNN doesn’t know. He told PNN he had the money in an account but we must follow up to see if that money was directed to the school system.
    Finally, when considering this money generating episode, do we think about ALL of the MULTITUDE of websites we can go to that sell Stewart County hats, tee shirts, hoodies, sweats, shorts, etc.? They don’t return a dime to the Stewart County school system yet sell 1000’s of dollars worth of SC gear every year. The ONLY difference being, of course, that this “old man” as you disrespect him, worked sometimes on school property. To PNN that is the only difference between the two entities (The “old man” and the websites). PNN is waiting to hear the final tally of monies contributed to the school system and when it does you will read about it here first.

    • The total amount raised for the High school was $ 2,975.00. $2,260.00 was given to Ken Mchgee Football Booster President. Then $ 115.00 was applied to the Cheerleaders and $ 600.00 was applied to the Band. After sitting 3 weeks with NO sells, I decided to give 90 signs to Stewart County High so that the Basketball teams and Baseball teams could also benefit from the signs also. So if they sell 90 signs , Both teams should make a total of $ 1440.00 That’s $720.00 a piece. Giving a total of $ 4,415.00 raised for the programs. By the way, the old guy is me. I am a father of 6 children, 9 grand children and married. I’ve been in Stewart County since 1995, Born in Port Gibison , Miss. Raised in Nashville, Tennessee. A 1979 Graduate from Bellevue High School. I worked as a Pipe layer and Drove a Truck for 20 years. Now I am Disable and drawing Disabilty. The time I spent selling signs , I only took 2 times from my own Fundraiser, one was FOOD on the table for a family and the other was to Help a Dear Friend. But by doing this , I was ACCUSED of taking money from my OWN FUNDRAISER TO HELP PEOPLE IN NEED. When being ACCUSED , I FOUND OUT WHO MY ACCUSERS ARE. I mention NO names , Because THEY would RUIN ME FOR LIFE in Stewart County. BUT I DO KNOW WHO THEY ARE. What hurts the most is that they USE GOD DAILY, They go to Church, Board Meetings and other EVENTS IN THE CITY. But in the mean time they want to Knock me down and ACCUESS me of stealing from my own fundraiser. I believe in KARMA , THEY WILL GET THEIRS IN DUE TIME. BUT NOT BY ME. ONE MORE NOTE: I KNOW HOW THAT GOT THEIR POSITIONS IN WHERE THEIR AT TODAY. TAKE CARE PNN

  4. Hey PNN,
    What ever happen to that news about the Military Vehicles, Showing them in the Christmas Parade. Seems to me they have been erased. Well hope your doing well. First Basketball Home Game tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. These fine young men and women ( Rebels ) should have a Great Season This year. By the way ,The City was having there once a month meeting. Look like 9 vehicles there. Well about that time to fill the Belly. Take care PNN, you know where you can fine me.

  5. Thanks Mr. A, for your reply.

    Yes, they have been scrubbed. The idea of putting these vehicles in the Christmas Parade was awesome!
    Honesty at it’s best in our humble opinion.

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